Statistics: Fall 2018 Kickball
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Player NameTeam NameHome Runs
Scott PeaseWindler's Disciples5
Eric NeubertAlcoballics5
Taylor JamesRum Runners5
David DeroosLee’s3
Ryan SwiatnickiVandelay Industries3
Alexis GonzalezBallz Deep3
Adam SanFelippoSuns of Pitches2
Chris TroestlerM.K.G.A.2
TJ McCormickRed, White & Buzzed2
Cesar RodriguezBad Idea Committee2
Brandon SeitzAll We Do is Wingz2
Cody SmallWhere My Pitches At?2
Dikota DavidsonFree Lunch2
Ryan SwiatnickiIt’s Business Time2
Eric DavenportThe Big O2
Mike HagertySuns of Pitches2
Max StremlowAlcoballics2
James TrandelRum Runners2
Brandon PankaThe Big O2
David SteckBad Idea Committee2
Al GardnerFecal Matters2
David SteckLiquid Courage1
Joel AizenAlcoballics1
Tom ZabkowiczVandelay Industries1
Tim HahnGimme Your Lunch Money1
George JamesRum Runners1
Mike BerryWindler's Disciples1
Nia SylvesterRogues United1
Cody SwiatnickiIt’s Business Time1
David HansenFree Lunch1
Alex KlemendAll We Do is Wingz1
Dan MilbeckFecal Matters1
Harry CastaldoGimme Your Lunch Money1
Rodney BourrageHigh Hard One1
Joh LemkeRum Runners1
The RennaVandelay Industries1
Paul KolancheckBad Idea Committee1
Tony KuchinskyLiquid Courage1
Luke FossLee’s1
Anthony LucciLiquid Johnny's1
Austin DunnLiquid Courage1
Heather KelleyThe Big O1
Ryan NamowiczWhere My Pitches At?1
Josh StratmanWhere My Pitches At?1
Dikota DavidsonAlcoballics1
Paul SkoneyThe Big O1
Andrew SchmittLee’s1
Dana KiblawiLee’s1
Chris SalaniAlcoballics1
Luke KolancheckBad Idea Committee1
Greg PeaseWindler's Disciples1
Dikota DavidsonHodge Podge1
Josh ChristianVandelay Industries1
Josh BondsRogues United1
Eric HaasBucky’s Ballers1
Randay NeuWhere My Pitches At?1
Joe VonderhaarFree Lunch1
Dan CarlsonHigh Hard One1
Steve KoteckiRed, White & Buzzed1
Anthony RodriguezLee’s1
Ryan SwiatnickiRed, White & Buzzed1
Amanda PufferLiquid Courage1
Dan BertcyzAll We Do is Wingz1
Marcus TriggsLJ's Offensively Delicious1